Song Description

The day has come for two lovers to live together , their precious time has come and they are in love

Song Length 4:14 Genre R & B - Soul, Pop - Easy Listening
Lead Vocal Duet Male/Female Mood Engaging, Relaxed
Subject Engagement, Loving Marriage Language English


[Int- Steve Bruno Ricky Sophie Feat Marie Joelle Coret-Sophie]
[Aut/Comp : Marie Joelle Coret-Sophie]
[Arr musicale : Alexandro Miguel Coret / Steve Bruno Ricky Sophie]

Intro :....[Ouhh...yeah yeah~ ..]

Verse1 : Here comes our special day
That we've been, dreaming of~
Flowers, Candle lights
And I feel so proud
To say that, you are mine~

Verse2: Here comes our precious time
That we've been, thinking of~
So emotional
When you look at me
And hold me, like you do~ ^

Ref : (Baby) I can't live without you
(Together) we're gonna make it through
(For me) there's no one better than you
I know you feel the same way too

Verse3 : Nothing's gonna change my mind
[Nothing's gonna change your mind]
I need you by my side~
This I promise you
[Yes I promise]
To Cherish and to Love
For better and for worse

Verse4: No more lonely days and nights
[No more lonely days and nights]
Cause I know, you'll be there~
I believe that Love
Is the greatest gift
That will keep us ^ strong~
~Bridge : (ouhh ouh ..) [emhhh..]
(You and I, Together)[Baby]
(ouhhh...^) [You and I , Together]
[You and I ... Together, Baby^]

Repeat Chorus : ^Baby I can't live without you

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