I am an aspiring musician in mainly rock and roll. I write lyrics, play drums, guitar, bass, keyboard, and do some vocals. If you like this then check out my youtube channel that has some of my covers and what-not in it along with other things music.




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I am currently writing NEW music and up for any jobs asked of/given to me. Check me out!

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My dad has been a musician for many years-most of his life actually. I decided I wanted to follow him I this way. He taught me how to play guitar. I then took Band/Percussion throughout school for 4 years which gave me the ability to read/write music. I also learned some music theory along the way. I taught myself drum set during that time span. I then focused on singing/screaming techniques, picking up what I could from anywhere I deemed concrete enough to stand on/use. Bass of course was easy because of the experience I'd gained with guitar. In school I also took some editing classes in audio and some in video as well for 2 years. I learned how to use several programs! This knowledge played a major role in what I've done so far. I'm still learning, of course, just like everyone else, but I've come pretty far from where I was and I'm not finished yet-nor do I plan to be.

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Hey man just wanted to say thank you for the review on my song "Fate". Greatly appreciated. Feel free to check out more music on my soundcloud. https://soundcloud.com/davola Thanks again. -Aaron-

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Afflicted Like Me
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Not a problem man! :) spread the love right? Haha sure thing man!

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