Wild And Free EP

There are 5 MORE SONGS to this EP. Follow links at the bottom to check out the rest of my material! This a song off of my self-produced EP. I've been working hard on it for awhile now. It consists of rockin' guitar that is well put together while the drums in this work are punchy and carry a nice beat written to the guitar. The lyrics came first. The songs carry strong feelings and messages in them. I've put myself into this effort. I hope anyone who listens to this enjoys what I've done so far. If you do then please let me know! Thank you- Chris N. https://soundcloud.com/afflicted-like-me-232276975 www.youtube.com/channel/UCEa3c1vIX-rlqoG5Cvzzmbw www.facebook.com/chrisnewtonmusic/

Rock - Heavy Metal
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