Latest news: October 17th, 2010.
Erin Simms is presently recording her Solo Debut album in Ottawa,Ontario and is Due for release in 2011. It's going to Rock, keep your eyes on this pace!
Best; TJWay (Manager)

Bio: About The Soul Touchers.
TJWAY & Erin Simms. Together they are'The Soul Touchers.The two ladies being firm friends decided to form as a group in August 2005 after collaborating on'Deeply Falling'for which Erin provided the music. After receiving such a positive response from friends & fans in music,they officially became a group. Together they write and create beautiful music.
Join Them on their journey,visit their official website and learn more about them at:
Also,be sure and check out their heart-felt EP,"Angels All Around Us".A portion of the proceeds from the four-song album are donated to support children's battle with leukemia.Thank you for visiting in advance!
T.S.T.Official Website:

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news update for April 2011
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Check out-The Soul Touchers Latest Album 'Angels all Around Us' at:

Recording Artist Erin Simms

About Recording Artist Erin Gannon Simms
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When an artist emerges, the world celebrates an overnight success. Seldom is that truly the case.
As coal is refined into a diamond, what appears to come out of nowhere is often the result of a drive that fuels years of hard work and dedication.
UK singer-songwriter Erin Gannon Simms' road of determination has yielded a successful recording career that has seen a host of publishing deals, scores of radio play on stations across the world, co-writes with
well-known hit writers. Her songs cracked the Top 10 on web radio UK Broadjam on three occasions and Simms was recently honored as ?Songwriter of the Month? by Indie Isles Magazine.
Born in Newport, South Wales, UK, Simms cites her Belfast-born father, who once played bass in a band alongside Van Morrison, as having a profound influence on her foray into music.
The burgeoning sensation started writing at age 11. While most girls her age were playing with dolls, the ambitious Simms was singing songs she'd written into a tape recorder. She joined her first band at age 14 and spent the next 10 years playing in and around South Wales.
Early into her career, at age 17, her dedication to the craft was validated. Simms received a phone call from an A&R executive at Sony Records London who was working with a then
unknown Celine Dion, who took the time to tell her he enjoyed her voice.
Her husband, Paul, is a source of inspiration and a pillar of support. While helping to raise their young family of three children, Erin took a break from live performances. Her
dedication to the craft, however, was unfailing as she continued writing and recording,
making use of a keyboard and recording equipment given to her by her brother.
While the ebullient Simms is known for her wacky, engaging sense of humor, she is a sincere and
responsible artist with a passion for helping others. An email friendship formed with
Ottawa, Canada -based songwriter and manager T.J. Way through a mutual respect of one
another?s music. The internet encounter provided the opportunity to showcase Simms? socially-conscious mindset. The pair collaborated, writing and co-producing the heart-felt EP, "Angels All Around Us".
A portion of the proceeds for the four-song album are donated to support children?s battle
with leukemia.
Her style is as varied as the music she covers at her shows, offering her take on notable artists such as Shania Twain, Faith Hill, Britney Spears, Mariah Carey, Pink, 60?s music and Whitney Houston.
Such admiration is reflected in her writing as she lends her distinctive personal touch to tracks that run the gamut of genre, including Pop, Country, Jazz, Blues, R&B, Christian Contemporary, and Gospel.
With plans to relocate to Canada in 2010 to coincide with the release of Erin?s debut album, the future looks bright for another ?overnight success? in the making.
Simms truly has adopted the world as her own; it?s just a matter of time before it in turn embraces this rising starlet.

Contact Management: TJ Way-3595 Magladry Rd. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. K4B-1P8
613-835-7552 (or) 613-875-3595

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