Take your event from boring to brilliant with the use of lasers!!

AJPLASER, Inc. blends the use of lasers and music to create a unique, awe inspiring and unforgettable experience. Using the most current technology we create dazzling laser animations, graphic and beam effects that are choreographed to your music selection. Our laser art will leave your guests wanting more and talking for months!!

Laser shows can be customized for all venue types including but not limited to.....Parties, educational functions, new product releases, School events (proms, graduation, science fairs etc...) Sporting events, Live bands, corporate events (holiday parties, promotional events). Whatever your function, our laser artists will create an atmosphere that will impress your guests.


I (ADAM J PLISS) began my music career at the age of nine years old playing the Flute in elementary school. Because I was the only “guy” in school who played the Flute, it was very difficult for me to “fit in with the boys crowd” if you know what I mean. Most everyone in school joked, laughed & made fun of me because I played a “girly” instrument sitting in the girly section.(I did enjoy hangin with the girl's I must say. There loss let me tell you!)
At the age of thirteen, I had purchased a used “beat up” drum set thinking this might be helpful. Boy was it! Not only did it help me bang my tensions away but I also made new friends joining the drum section in band. This appeared to be exhilarating in the near term. Shortly after, however, I noticed that most people did not like the loud hard banging noises associated with my drum playing (Especially the neighbors).
What to do I wondered? One day I saw a drum kit with wires coming from the pads & sounding uniquely different. Ah ha, this is it! I can play the drums without anyone hearing me & won’t have to worry about annoying anyone, anymore. All that was needed was a pair of headphones, money & the journey into the electronic drum world would begin. Listening to songs from the radio was helpful in learning other “styles” of playing. The built in demos along with various different sounds helped in learning other playing methods. Without even being aware, timing was starting to really get instilled in my muscle memory. These pre-arranged patterns built into drum machines actually will force you to keep time. They are in essence, a click track! Sequencing started to become exciting, being able to create my own layered sounds, patterns & play along with them on the kit. That’s about the time when I started to realize that I can create more then just drum sounds. Getting that big, larger then life sound was important then & it now shows in my playing style today. From adding simple drum effects, sounds, samples, to creating complex sequencing patterns is what I enjoy most.
The world of drumming is enormously huge with so many playing techniques, styles & systems from all around the globe. One can only keep trying to master the art of drumming & that has been my life long quest. Various influences had a huge impact on my view points with playing for people. Bands like Pink Floyd, Rush & Dio for example showed everyone how a great setlist of music along with theatrical well placed lighting effects can make for an awe inspiring show. Stage props & such are always fun to look at were I'm from & just adds more excitement. Of course there are many shows that are amazing still without all the extra theatrics but believe that adding laser lighting effects creates a bit more texture. It's extremely rewarding to see people trying to reach out & grab laser beams above there heads. Or, viewing well placed 20'-40' foot graphics on a screen or flat surphace while catching the audiences eye. Lasers are beautiful to watch & are very appealing to the eye. My musical background has helped me in understanding what the audience is looking for in a well produced show. I have been personally involved with laser productions for over ten years now & have created hundreds of eye catching shows customized to each event. Book signings, art galleries, company events, business lectures, building advertisements, kids parties, bar mitzvahs, weddings, proms, bands, movies, raves, birthday's, holiday events, "I love you's", school sporting events, cd release parties are just some of the possible avenues. Lasers are a great way to grab the audience & get your message across utilizing high tech state of the art technology.


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