Arthur (A.R. The Songwriter)Richardson of Gary, Indiana. An accomplished actor, singer, songwriter earned best actor Ain’t Mis Behavin and supporting actor nominations Blues from an Alabama Sky in Indiana’s Civic Theater District. After co-starring in the gospel hit play A Woman’s Worth at the World Famous Orpheum Theater in Los Angeles. Arthur has wrapped performances in the highly acclaimed stage play "Do Lord Remember Me" Backstage West said "Go See"! The L.A. Times described it as..."unforgettable"... A.R. teamed with Sound Boy Killaz and industry pro J. Shaft to collabo new and established industry pro's. Some of J.Shaft past and present clients include R.Kelly, Father M.C.,Naughty By Natures K.G. and Anwar Superstar. J. Shaft and Budda Black can be seen at various venues in the Hollywood and Southern Regions.

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To see the Pfizer commercial by diretor Carolyn Chew/Believe Media, go to, click public service announcement.
Did stand in work for Vondie Curtis Hall, a well respected stage and film performer. I learned a lot form him as well as the crew of Peter Geller/South of Pico, the director (thanks guys).
I will start "Requiem for A Songwriter" my life bio about the journey from Gary, In. to Hollywood and the spiritual growth and perserverence along the w


Arthur Richardson an acomplished actor, singer and songwriter, earned best actor (Ain?t Mis Behavin) And supporting actor nominations, (Blues from an Alabama Sky) In Indiana?s Civic Theater district. After a second run in the gospel hit play A Woman?s Worth at the world famous Orpheum Theater in Los Angeles A.R. wrapped performances in the hit production "Do Lord Remember Me" called back by popular demand at Theater Theater in Los Angeles, Ca. Actor's trade publications like Backstage West said "Go See"! and The L.A. Times called it "..unforgettable.." Arthur also landed his first national commercial for Pfizer to air in July 07 A.R. has teamed up with industry producer J. Shaft of Sound Boy Killaz to collabo up and coming artist as well as Industry pros. Some of Shaft's past clients include work with icons like R.Kelly, Father M.C., K.G. of ?Naughty by Nature? and many more.

LA Weekly Review Excerpts (Sep 06')
DO LORD REMEMBER ME Next time you hear some guy bitching about how there?s no good theater in L.A., hogtie him, toss him into your car and drive straight to the Raven Playhouse for Wilson Bell?s staging of Do Lord Remember Me... I was wishing that Arthur Alonzo Richardson, as Slave, would never leave the stage. His ability to inhabit each of his characters is incomparable, and his soulful performance is tempered by touches of playfulness, even in the darkest scenes.

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