Whitstyles ,I started persuing music a few years ago and Every new song that I create seems to take me a little higher, I recently started to mix my own music and record from my home studio and it's amazing how much better the sound is. I use to spend quite a bit of money on studio's that just wanted the money.Now sometimes I'll take them a sample of what I've done at home and watch there jaws drop to the floor .They use to say we can make it sound better but not any more. Some of the music that I have listed is from 2003 when I first started recording my own music. You'll be able to tell the new music from the old just by it's clarity. OH! by the way I'm not trying to preach to you about God in some of my songs , so don't hate. If you listen you'll see that I address all sides fairly so respect my oppinion.

WhitStyles, see you when I hit #1
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