Who Cares

Story Behind The Song

I'm concerned with the way things in our country are going. I see people with degrees that don't have job's. Corporate down sizing and companies moving American job over sea's. We as Americans don't seem to care about one another until the stuff hits the fan. A man twice my age told me that he didn't think there would be anything left by the time I got to be his age and at the rate we're going I think that I agree with him. If we don't have anything to look forward to whats going to happen when people get hopeless? All hell is going to break loose thats what's going to happen and it dosn't take a rocket scientist see that.Look around why do you think we hold such little value on life? The future's looking really bad to the have nots and unless your sitting on some million's this means you.There going to be a day when theres rich and poor our governments going to see to that if we don't stop them.

Song Description

Who Cares is really the cry of the unfortunate and poverty stricken society that is growing in number day by day.The song poses a series of questions for our leaders . Everything about this song is done with taste right down to the last question.This song will go around the world and I feel that its not just the concern of the people here in the states but also around the world as well.

Song Length 4:00 Genre Rap - Hip Hop, R & B - Soul
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Composed, Annoyed Subject Poverty, Hunger
Similar Artists 2Pac, R. Kelly Language English
Era 2000 and later
Lyrics WhitStyles Music WhitStyles
Producer WhitStyles Label WhitStyles Entertainment
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