I'm a songwriter first and foremost, but I've developed a high-energy solo acoustic act as a "day job". I've finally released my first solo album (yes, Album) after more than two decades. I decided to pay for a professional studio after building four home studios (two of which I've used to record Radio and TV commercials) and still not getting the sound I wanted. It turned out to be a VERY good call.

By way of paying dues to get here, I've done stand-up comedy, morning show radio, taught martial arts, managed radio stations, manufacturing plants, and Barker Media, played every barn-raisin', rat-killin' and baby-kissin' I could get invited to, as well as some pretty good gigs and a few GREAT shows along the way.

There's not much else to say, except that the photographs were faked, the witness were paid, and my signature doesn't look anything like that. (This is a line shamelessly stolen from Will Shetterly, with no intention of giving credit to the author whatsoever.)

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