Musician. I took up playing/creating years ago. I have always had a life long passion for music though. With the advent of software tools such as ProTools and Reason, along with some guitar/kybd and Bass playing I've been able to live out a small dream I once had. I enjoy varied types of music but cinematic, soundtrack and ambient music draws me in emotionally the most. I enjoy reviewing music as well. I would love to create cinematic/soundtrack pieces for movies, TV or Radio..Any labels interested?? Thanks for listening!..TB

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The Wired World is now released!

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I have had great success at Broadjam with all my cinematic soundtrack and ambient pieces making "Top Ten" in there repsective genres. Reached semi-finalist in the Shure Corporation "Musical Roots" contest 2002. Selected alternate for CD compilation for 'DREAM CONTROL' CD just released!!! 2 years of
I am looking for opportunities to palce my music in major movies/TV/Film/commercial ventures. Pleas contact me if your interested.

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I’ve been involved with music for most of my life but only the last few years taken it up seriously. Thanks to the new breed of music software I am able to express myself emotionally through music in ways I couldn’t before. I am an electronic musician who utilizes a combination of software and hardware to produce music. I play keyboard, bass, guitar and perform vocals on my songs. I am a studio type musician at this point though I’m not shy in front of people. My objective is to have my work published and enjoyed. Most of pieces take on a cinematic soundtracks and ambient music feel. I work hard to express deep emotions and feeling through my pieces. and hope it comes through.

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