Who is Bryant Price?

"Every since Bryant was 3 years old, he has always had some involvement in music" says Carolyn Price referring to her Grandson. "Whether it was school musicals or just listening to a piece of music from some artist". He never really knew that a career in music would be something he would pursue further down the road. Actually, you cant be surprised when you have a rapping Mother, (Melissa Price) who is deceased (sadly) due to the H.I.V virus, a songwriting Grandfather (Gene Price), and a singing Aunt (Tanya Watson) who shouted for the lord, as a member of pastor Hezekiah Walkers Love Fellowship Tabernacle choir. If you ask me........... it's in this guys blood. In 2005, Bryant decided to turn his dreams into a reality by enrolling in a World Renowned audio school by the name of the Institute of Audio Research(IAR)located in the heart of NYC. There he built a solid foundation for what he planned to do hereon. After receiving a degree in Music Production and Audio Engineering, he has been working at major recording studios, producing tracks, and songwriting for local artist in the NYC area and abroad. This guy can compose any kind of music, it's amazing!!! From Hip-Hop to R&B to Pop to Dance to Movie Sound Tracks!!! Talking about DIVERSITY!! If anything, this guy is driven, determined, and motivated as he strives for success in this wonderful and surprising business of music!


Martin Gate
over 30 days ago to Sirius B.

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