We (Bourne and Rembrandt) formed Scholarly Pursuits in June of 2007 to bring creativity and originality to hip hop listeners. We love making music that's different. Hopefully you enjoy it. Our first album "The Schmagilla Incident" is available for FREE download at www.universalindie.com
You can also download our new mixtape with County Officials entitled "The Citizens Committee" for free at the same site mentioned above...
Be on the lookout for more releases from Scholarly Pursuits, County Officials, and The Historical Society. Check out www.myspace.com/scholarlypursuits for new music and information about us and listen to our entire catalogue at www.reverbnation.com/scholarlypursuits

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Download 2 FREE albums at www.myspace.com/scholarlypursuits
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Check out our entire catalogue at www.reverbnation.com/
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