I'm a beatmaker/aspiring music producer for hip-hop and r&b instrumentals. Personality wise, I'm a calm individual with a strong work ethic. My passion for music stems from my Father who owned a collection of records from the 70's to the 80's. I always keep an ear for music in television, movie scores, hip-hop, r&b, neo-soul, a little bit of jazz, and a dash of classical music. I love to produce cinematic beats and sometimes try to fuse soundscapes with hip-hop.

Performance Rights Organization - ASCAP
Publishing - RCummins Music Publishing(ASCAP)

Music Alias:
RCummins, RC, ProducerRC

Music Placements:
TLC - Toddlers and Tiaras: Halloween Bash Ep#3 - 1 Placement 2011
Classified Project via Whosthehottestrapper.com - 1 Placement 2011
Publisher (Classified) - 7 Placements 2011
XXL Magazine - 1 Placement 2010
Indie Top Ten Plus One Internet Radio Show Hosted by Sean Archer - Background production provided 2009 - 2011


RCummins is a talented music producer from Sterling, Virginia. His style of production originates from east-coast hip-hop from the early 90's and transcends well into today's modern style of hip-hop and r&b. While compared to the likes of Dr. Dre or legendary hip-hop producer DJ Premier, you can expect to hear a combination of smooth ambient melodies, 808's, shakers, thick bass lines, all while taking a cinematic approach. The instrumentals provided by RCummins are excellent for chase scenes, emotional moments, hi-tech sci-fi, club scenes, urban drama, documentaries, romantic interludes and more. A great benefit for television networks such as FOX, ESPN, BET, A&E and Discovery.

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Clean Clean

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