Plectricity Music is a SoCal-based music production & publishing company that focuses on unique, original artists in the San Diego county region.

Artists include singer/songwriters Kris Aliss, Bradley Keen, and various groups like Ox Eyes and the Ramblin' Outlaws.

"Plectricity" is the name of Kris Aliss' muse who visits him occasionally in the Graphite Ink studio in La Mesa, CA

About Plectricity Music

Plectricity™ is the name of the Muse who visits the Graphite Ink Studio in La Mesa, CA. She may be thought of as a Muse of art expressed through use of the Plectrum (guitar pick).

The name PLECTRICITY is the contraction of the words Plectrum and Electricity, to show a modernized approach to the music publishing industry, the "icity" part of the Mark can also be interpreted as denoting a female's name, hence naming an original character, a Muse called "Plectricity."

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over 30 days ago to Plectricity Music

over 30 days ago to Plectricity Music

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