Nico Rizzuto's music shimmers like moonlight over the trouble waters of Love. Smooth as a silk sheet, versatile as a woman's smile, engaging as a 5000 foot drop, he drives 100 miles an hour down a curving mountain pass, then ambles slowly through a sultry summer field. The variety and richness of his repertoire sparkle like Champagne over Gelate.


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Non-performing artist/Songwriter. The UK-based artist Lee Knell and the american soul singer Cyndiva are two of the most significant collaborations to date, leading to the digital release of some of my songs by indipendent artists in the UK as well as honorary mentions in the recent UK and SongDoor songwriting competitions. An italian obsession for melodies combined with intriguing harmonies result in the distinctive blend characteristic of all my tracks.


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Nick Fuse
over 30 days ago to Nico Rizzuto

Nico, How did you end up with an Italian name, and beautiful, angelic English voice? Excellent work, but even though Eyes like Mine is sung by another, it shines! Extending you a hand of Friendship to give you a life up to the Light! - Nick

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Nico Rizzuto
over 30 days ago

Simple. The name is italian because I am italian (full name on my papers being Nicola, which is not a girl's name...). The angelic english is my cowriter Cyndiva, whose voice adore. I'm more into a writing and arranging, my singing is only ok for quick demos. I listened to your haunting song "The Engel", it's refreshingly different. But I really enjoyed your Artist Description - whatever it means, would you write one for me ? Thanks for listening to my music, if you went over the Broadjam minute limit...

Nick Fuse
over 30 days ago

Nico, You need to accept my Friend request so I can send you an e-mail via BJ. Yes, I can write a description for you to consider. Being different doesn't necessarily make one popular, but BJ is making me a Star! Makes me laugh after all the abuse I suffered playing live. God Bless! - N

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