Singer/songwriter Mike Simoneaux is an artist out to prove something. Why stay in one musical style when so many people these days have collections of music spanning many genres? Always true to himself yet never static, Mike brings his experiences from playing in cover bands for over 20 years into the realm of original music. In his debut release, "My Absolution", Mike has molded a piano/rock based style all his own. Calling himself a songwriter first, Mike makes no apologies for his intentions to write what he wants and feels, leaving the boudaries of any one style of music behind.
In a quote from Mike himself, " I love all kinds of music and I try to write with that same love in mind . My only hope is to connect with people in each song with no bias or preconceptions to anything I've ever written before. I hope to remain fresh and open minded with each song that I write".
Unique, intense and always evolving, Mike Simoneaux is a fresh voice in music not to be denied.
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