Mia has been singing from the age of six. She sings Pop, R&B, Rock, Jazz, Country and Classical.
She is currently attending Northern Arizona University, majoring in Vocal Performance - Classical.


Because of Mia's ecclectic tastes in music, artists from every genre can be accredited to her style of writing and vocalization. Mia is a true fan only of music itself.


Mia, born Maria Dominique Lopez, began her musical journey at the age of six when she auditioned for admission into her first choral ensemble, The Seattle Children's Choir. Since that time, Mia has been a member of some of the most elite choirs in the western United States. She showed an interest in singing professionally at a young age, but her dreams only began to come to fruition when she was accepted to Northern Arizona University's School of Music in Flagstaff, Arizona. There, she is currently being trained classically, as she works toward her more elevated goal, that of becoming a professional recording artist.

Pro Review - Keith Hannaleck (Deliberate)
Mia has a great voice, very flexible and expressive. The guitar is nice, rhythmic, the fast strumming acoustic guitar is a perfect match for the vocals, the bongos adds a nice touch. The track is short and sweet, perfect run time, more than obvious to me that it is radio ready and great choice for a single.

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Emmett North Jr.
over 30 days ago to Mia

Sooooooooooooo Beautiful,simply Gorgeous***

Emmett North Jr.
over 30 days ago to Mia

Soooooo talented and beautiful,Emilio Norte' ***

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over 30 days ago

Thanks, Emmett, I appreciate the wonderful comment. I set this Broadjam site up for my daughter about 15 years ago. My how time flies. However, if you have the time, you can check here out here on this link: https://mariadominiquelopez.com/

Should you find the time to listen to the first song on the main page would be a great honor for me.

The music business is a hard business to get into. As you know. There are millions of people looking to get ahead and sometimes things don't work out as you like, and it's just a matter of keeping one's nose to the grindstone.

As an artist, during these Covid times, has put her in the unemployment line. I am hoping this thing end so she can get on with her life.

I just want to thank you again for the wonderful comment. May God bless you and watch over you.

Rob Lopez (proud dad)

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