Been singing before I could talk. Started recording personally 1989.
'Toy-Boy' was release overseas to rave reviews. Due to contract disputes my singing career came to a halt. Began recording again in 2001. Been making a comeback since.

I always remember that just when I might want to quit I have to try just one more day. Success may come on that one day when I stop tring.

Lady Love

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Look out for my new C.D. "Return to Love"

To Understand me you have to first understand where I came from, where I've been and where I have yet to go.
You see, to look inside of me you have to first see the essence of me.
Who I am is not hard to define, but , who I am is sometimes hard to find.
If you don't choose to see me for who I am
then how can you expect to understand?

Lady Love-2003

'Return To Love'

Vivian R. Shaw
aka Lady Love

Born Vivian Rose Shaw, in Brooklyn, New York, Vivian wrote her first song at the tender age of 6. Even though her song was rejected she was encouraged by the song writing panel in Nashville, TX, to not give up on her dreams. She was told that the talent was there, but it was felt that at her age there was still time to ?perfect? her song writing skills. At fist Vivian stated that she was ?Crushed?. ?I felt that even though I was only six I still had the mentally of a young adult?. Her Favorite song, ?Misty Blue? sung by Dorothy Moore.

It was while she was attending School at John Peter Tatar, in New York, Vivian discovered her loved for the Violin. Due to an injury to her right hand in 2002, Vivian no longer plays the violin.

Vivian and her family moved to North Carolina when she was 12 years old. Vivian continued to write songs and poems as wells as sing. Vivian was and still considers herself a member of her church choir. ?Singing for the Lord has always brought me great joy?. Gospel music has always been a big influence in my life. I truly believe that as long as I keep God first in my life, then I am already blessed.

Vivian Recorded her first song ?Toy-Boy? in 1989, which caused a lot of noise in the ?underground? scene. Due to management and contract disputes the songs was never released on a larger scale as planed. Vivian, began rapping in the late 80?s early 90?s after a male friend told her that she had the skills to ?flow?. After perfecting her skills, in 1992, Vivian the singer, became Lady Love -The Rapper.

?Switching to being a rapper was easy?, I have been writing for as longs as I can remember, so for me, I just needed to lean how to place my songs and poems into raps. After all, rapping is just another way of writing a song. The only difference between a Rapper and A Singer is that a rapper speaks the lyrics into a style of rhythm while a Singer ?sings the lyrics..

Being taken seriously as a rapper has been hard. Many doors have been closed in my face because I refused to give up 100% creative control. I am willing to compromise, but I could never give up complete control when it comes to my music and career. ?I wanted to bring a positive spin to rap?. I seldom use profanity in my raps, (unless I am ?ghost writing? for some one, then I write or try to write in their style.) and when I talk about the men, I like to say things that make people think, without using profanity. I wanted to keep my clothes on?.Feel me??????

Today, Vivian is still singing and writing but now is also a Producer. ? I can produce beats for Gospel, Rap/Hip-Hop (smiles), Ballads, I can also do Music Scoring for Films and Television? almost anything, but I will not touch ?satanic? music. Vivian has also ?ghost written? raps for some of her friends in the rap game.

?My family has been really supported of me. Without them I don?t think I would have maintain and stayed in this ?struggle? this long. It?s been a long time. Many years and came and went. I cried many tears and I?ve asked the question why? a million times, yet, I stayed in this struggle. Why??.Because I may know a lot of things but Music is all I know. I think, when I was born GOD sent my Angel to whispered the word Music into my hears and It touched my heart,??. and that is where it has always stayed.

My advise to anyone still in the ?struggle? ?Never give up on your dreams. Remember, each day that you wake up is another opportunity to do something different while still moving towards your rainbow?

Vivian is currently unsigned and is seeking management representation to obtain work as a producer. She has also stated that she has not closed the door on returning to the stage as a recording artist. Vivian has been a member of ASCAP Since 2001.

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