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Real name Gregory S. Keys,
Age 28, born on the military base of Fort Leonard Wood Missouri As a teenager had many run ins with the law. While heading down the wrong path, only way for Keynote G to escape from going to prison or dead was to move away to a small town 30 min from St. Louis Missouri. Music comes from a long time for the love of music. He recognizes hit music when it is first played. What is heard in the music by Keynote G is the truth. That's why Keynote's music is separate from a lot of upcoming artists. There are a lot of bad things that's going on in the world today and Keynote G believes that through music people can learn to enjoy life once again. Since a young age Keynote G basically lived the "rap life" because rap songs mirrored Keynote G's life in the past and today. He has many haters, actually counted stacks of money, had plenty of women, been to the best parties, drove fancy cars with big rims ,never graduated high school, but currently a full time student in college. So even though with a few setbacks in life Keynote G knows he is blessed and is here for a reason. So enjoy the music, it comes from the heart of a person that will never betray anyone.
Music today is getting stolen from artist, but Keynote has never once illegally downloaded music. And he believes that music has to get ahead of technology once again to get people to start buying albums again. "There needs to be more artists developed so the fans will feel they have a connection with the artist. Doing so will make them want to purchase their whole album not just one song. We as artists need to make more hit music, not just one good song and surround it with meaningless songs and call it an album. We are the suppliers of music. People want to dance, party, and have a feeling of somebody knows what they are going through. It is up to us to make every song special. For our fans." G

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