Jeremy Dobbins will take you on a majestic musical roller coaster ride that you are sure to enjoy. With lyrical penmanship he invokes his complete and absolute independent writer's artistry by showcasing his ability to write and perform Country, Rock, Hip Hop, Adult Contemporary and Contemporary Christian as well as Blues. So click "Play All" and sit back and enjoy the ride! 

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Working in studio on 13 song Hip Hop project and 12 song rock project...gonna be a busy year!

Jeremy Dobbins

Born: Bryan, TX in 1976
Raised: All over man. Texas, Michigan, Illinois, Georgia, Maryland...
Singing How Long: Off and on all my life at church...Dad was a dedicated Pentecostal so we were raised around good ol' church music, pumpin' choirs,etc..
Parents divorced when I was 3 and Mom let us live a little. She was cool. I lost her in 2003 unexpectantly. Had an older brother that was the bomb too but lost him in 2002 to a prescription drug overdose. He was only 32yrs old. Exes live in Texas, that's all I have to say about the love life. My sister and other brother are still ticken and we link up every now and then. Life's mostly about work, music and family at this point.


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Love your song "Holy of Holies"... Great lyrics!

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Clean Clean

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