Atlanta native Jean Claude has been writing and recording since his early teen years. Cutting his teeth on British rock and blues.

He also studied Jazz and was surrounded by great southern rock musicians and other accomplished local Atlanta Artists. Jean Claude attended Berklee Col. in Boston after studing with great local guitarist Bob Shaw and pianist Ted Howe.

Being the sort to branch off to different genre's of music Jean Claude's writting shows the varried infuences. Jean Claude has worked with many artists, including Mylon Lefever, Rodney Mills, ARS, Wendell Cox (from the Travis Tritt band) Dan Baird, David Barbe and other musicians.

Jean Claude currently writes and records for film and other commercial ventures as well as producing music for SoundScape Audio Inc.

Check out Jean Claude's soulful guitar playing and his new release. Jean Claude Garner is a BMI artist and is self produced. Stations Download his tracks at

Latest News

UK Songwriters Semi Finalist for (On The Jazz) an instrumental Jazz Fusion track that has recieved good reviews and airplay in the states and in Europe.


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