The Building of St. Chicago

KG is made up of two men that come from opposite ends of I 55. Kamikazie (D'Arnaz Gaston) born and raised in Chicago and Da General (Eddie Cadamey) born and raised in St. Louis. Though they were raised in different cities their coming together was nothing less than fate. With Kamikazie's skill as a producer and engineer mixed with Da General's drive and hunger as an artist and knowledge of the industry, the two decided to become a group. After a couple of years of working together collectively in the camp from Walnut Park called the Hard Headz, Kamikazie and Da General decided to join forces. Combining rough hard street lyrics together with smooth, soulful R&B vocals mixed with some old fashioned fun bringing fourth the group KG. KG will bring a sound long missed from the industry since the G-Funk Era with strong exciting vocals from Da General and hard baritone lyrics from Kamikazie. This super powered duo will transcend Hip-Hop to new hieghts with their hard and soulful sound. The sky is the limit as KG continues to work on their debut album St. Chicago.

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