Dear Henning, I guess you decided not to work with me. I understand. I've been upset with the licensing on Broadjam. Many of my songs get considered but rarely get selected. They usually just want to select one song. That's ridiculous, so I didn't continue with my licensing membership, but I'll probably resume that. So I've been in a funk and didn't want to do anymore licensing for a while. Hope you understand. Sylvia

I know. You're well qualified. If you'd like, take a listen to my songs. Go to I'm not sure that's correct. Let me know. Sylvia

I sent you an email yesterday but I had the wrong email address. I don't think we should do it. But I wish you much success with your career. Sylvia

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Henning Peer Hansen
4 days ago

Thank you for your reply. You too :)
All the best,

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