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HACHE is a Puerto Rican musician, singer and songwriter.

Has participated as a musician, lead vocalist and director in groups like The Boys Next Door, No Comments, Anima, etc., Liahona, Ecléctico and Trabuko. He is also a member of the American Society of Composers, Authors & Publishers (ASCAP) and is also collaborating as a composer for other recording artists.

HACHE officially released his first album in February, 2006. Titled “Canciones de Amor de Matarse” (Love songs to kill oneself), the album includes a selection of 11 all-original HACHE tracks, being the first single track number one “No te esperaré”. In May 2006, a promotional video clip for “No te esperaré” was released.

HACHE is a member of “Taller de Cantautores” (commercially know as Taller Cé), the first singer / songwriter cooperative in America formed in Puerto Rico. With Taller Cé, HACHE released a double CD titled “Bestiarios II y III”, which includes 2 HACHE tracks: “No me canso,” and “Cuando era pecador.”

HACHE presents new album

February, 2006, Puerto Rico – Puerto Rican singer/songwriter HACHE presents his first solo album titled “Canciones de Amor de Matarse”, a compilation of all-new pop rock romantic songs and ballads.

“This album is the product of years of preparation, hard work and experiences lived. It is like a book of memories in which you can find photographs of the lives and emotions of all those who have been in love and those who want to be in love,” says HACHE.

“Canciones de Amor de Matarse” [literal translation would be “Love Songs to Kill Yourself”] contains 11 tracks, including the first hit single ‘No te esperaré’. The CD features intense, romantic ballads such as ‘Algo que quiero decirte’, ‘Yo sigo aquí’, ‘Trataré de olvidarte’, ‘Hoy te pierdo otra vez’ and ‘Si sigo así’. Other melodic, powerful soft rock tunes are ‘Sin Saber’, ‘Te llevarás’ and ‘Todo tuyo’.

The album was recorded and produced at San Francisco Lounge Studio in San Juan, Puerto Rico by Walter Morciglio, who is also a music composer and special events producer. HACHE co-produced the album.

“Canciones amor de matarse” features the collaboration of other artists as well. ‘Hoy y siempre’ was co-produced by Pedro José Rivera. ‘Te llevarás’ and ‘Sin saber’ were composed by HACHE and Carlos Collazo-Berríos. Alvaro Mazzei joined as guest musician on ‘Sin saber’.

HACHE is also a member of Taller de Cantautores, the first singers/songwriters cooperative in Latin America, formed in Puerto Rico. With Taller Cé – as the cooperative is known in the music industry – HACHE participated in “Bestiarios II y III”, a double disc that contains 33 songs from 22 artists members of the cooperative. “Bestiarios II y III” contains two tracks by HACHE: ‘Cuando era pecador’ and ‘No me canso’.

For more information about HACHE, his music and projects, please visit his official global website at or visit To buy “Canciones de Amor de Matarse” through the Internet, please visit and/or

Contact: 787.633.9691

What do critics* say about HACHE

“This is a very solid, excellent work. HACHE is a serious artist and composer who knows what to do when it comes to songwriting”

“Great songs; nicely produced and performed. I like the innovative spirit of his songs. Congratulations and much success!”

“I hear a very good singer… very emotional”

“Excellent job!”

‘No te esperaré’
“The melody and chorus, as well as its unpredictable rhythm catch the listeners’ attention while gluing them to the song. That is exactly what the music industry is looking for right now. I definitely want to hear more”

“‘No te esperaré’ has a great melody and chorus. ‘No te esperaré’ is exciting!”

“Dinamic and melodic from the start. I like the way HACHE emphasizes the chorus until the end of the song. Even those who don’t speak Spanish can sing along with him! :)”

“I like the production style. Melodically, the song has a strong hook; it is easy to remember and it is rhythmically interesting”

‘Sin saber’
“Lyrics are solid. The song is nicely composed … and he sings very well. Vocals are amazing; production is excellent.”

“A good song along with a great vocal performance. The track is nicely recorded and produced. The structure is excellent and it has a great hook”

‘Hoy te pierdo otra vez’
“Each part of the song is worth remembering”

‘Te llevarás’
“This song is great melodically and is very commercial. What’s most impressive is the evolution of the melody with the arrangement, which keeps the song far from being repetitive or monotonous”

“The melody is nice from the beginning. The structure of the song keeps the listener interested”

‘Todo tuyo’
“This song rocks! HACHE has strong vocals, as well as great performance skills and control. Good job”

‘Algo que quiero decirte’
“Lyrics are profound and emotional. Vocal performance is excellent, very convincing”

‘Parece que fue ayer’
“Sentimental … emotional”

‘Hoy y siempre’
“This is a beautiful song … inspirational”

“Highly inspirational. This song will surely be a hit in the Christian music category”

‘Si sigo así’
“A song that will break your heart … the melody is beautiful and it is very emotional”

* Previous comments were written by music industry experts who work for TAXI, a company that specializes in the search, evaluation, review and selection of new commercial music for already established, well-known artists. Though its affiliate at, TAXI represents a platform through which thousands of artists of all kinds if music genres present their music to the world. For more information please visit or Both TAXI and Broadjam are two of the most important and respectable forums within the music industry.

"No te esperare" [review]

"No Te Espere" has a memorable, contemporary sounding melody with a great chorus."

Taxi reviewer Nov 2005

"Sin Saber" [review]

"I thought your vocal persona was unique and commanding and the production was excellent."

Taxi reviewer Nov 2005

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