Geoff believes that music is the only medium that can fly you anywhere, paint your own Renoir, warm you or cool you. Quite simply that is what Geoff"music is capable of offering you.

Take time to listen and travel into his colourful realm

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"London Town " makes Broadjam No. 1 top 10 Jazz swing .
" London Town" reaches the semi finals of the 2021 Unsigned Only Songwriting competition

Unsigned Only Song Contest 2021

"London Town" reaches Semi Finals of UO2021 in
USA - Thank you all who have made this happen.

Jazz Swing Top Ten

Thank you all for supporting "London Town"

2013 UK Songwriting Contest

"London Town" achieved a finalist position for the third year.

"Now has the power" receives a commended entry.

Just got to keep on trucking and writing away!

You Dressed My Heart In Blue

I am very impressed the way Geoff Martin has created a definitive mood of the London Vibe of the 50's and 60's. you can close your eyes and your able to invision yourself right there in that time period
- Jason Miles - Broadjam Pro Reviewer
LOVE THIS JAZZ DELIVERY!! killer vocal performance!!
- StarFish Symphony

2012 UK Songwriting Contest Semifinalist

"Jamaican Jazzman" Jason Miles P

Quote From Pro:
Geoff Martins Jamaican Jazzman takes you on a trip through time. It sounds modern but the retro feel to it brings you to a London Nightclub with all the added vibe. I'm looking at the Go Go Girls Dancing in cages above the stage and I'm waiting for James Bond or Austin Powers to walk in. I am also enjoying the song and groove-This is a unique production and song that grabs you from note 1-Highly recommended

2012 UK Songwriting Contest Semi Finalist

"London Town"

Broadjam Member Reviews
Geoff Martin is one of the finest exponents of the new, retro big band/jazz standards sound that I have heard!
- Ted Myers - Broadjam Pro Reviewer
Nice hook. Beautiful music and big band feel.
- Claudia Mikail (songwriter)
Geoff martin has crafted a wonderful song and production with London Town. Whenever I hear a quality song with a big band and great vocal I always have that feeling that I'm floating somewhere else for a few minutes. I got that feeling when I heard London Town. very enjoyable and very well done!
- Jason Miles - Broadjam Pro Reviewer
Wonderful! Very romantic and relaxing! I could sure see it in a movie! The singer was super as well as the arrangement. I loved it! GREAT JOB!
- Anne Hinton Pratt

2012 UK Songwriting Contest Finalist


For more info on Geoff please visit:

Geoff Martin Preston

Geoff has been writing and recording music since 1990. He has an unusual ability to compose in any genre which is evident when listening to his songs and soundtracks.

From Rock to Musical theatre he leaves no stone unturned.

Geoff has a variety of songs released and published by various artists over the years.

Currently he has concentrated on writing for Musical Theatre and also producing full Musicals from conceptualisation to full West End workshops.

"Waiting for the dawn"
"Promised Land"

Previous Productions

Subliminal - Concept Album on "Global Warming" Released Truetone Music 1992 (Gallo Music Publishing)

Hit Songs

"You dressed my Heart in blue" is featured on the following albums sung by Paul Petersen.

Heart & Soul of CapeTown Vol 3
Call Me - Paul Petersen
Lansdowne Road - Paul Petersen
Sunshine of My Soul - Paul Petersen
Cape Town Party (Best of Cape Town)

The song "London Town" was finalist in the UK Song Writing Contest

Various Top Tens on BJ since 2003

Geoff has worked with :


Cedric Samson
Patric Van Blerk


Chude Mondlane
Maurice Lotz
Wendy Oldfield
Tim Hoare
Vicki Sampson
Paul Petersen
Brennan Holder
Donovan Preston

Composers/orchestral directors arrangers:

Camillo Lombard
Colin Billing
Piers Chater Robinson
Nic Hazell

International Theatre and Music Ltd
Truetone Music (Universal)
Gallo Music Publishing
Capetown Sound

Stage and Book Writers: Chris Blackwood


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Hey Geoff, very interesting composition, "Don't Look Back", your music at 2:34 was quite q shock, wasn't ready for that Musical transition! In fact.....I was drinking a Pint and spilled it!! It actually was a Chocolate Malt, but a Pint sounded so much Cooler & Manly!
Gave you 5 Stars & Likes....Great Music!

Stay Safe Friend, Sport That Mask!!
Art Corey..........

PS, did you know the Broad Jam Member Alan Gillis, he recently passed away, he was a really talented Musician and all around Great Guy!! We use to email each other all the time!! He will be sadly missed!!
I hope some Lonesome Picker will remember me......when I finally meet my Maker!!

1 Replies
Geoff Martin Preston
over 30 days ago

Thanks for the stars! Art, always appreciated from you. I did not know about Alan, sad news indeed.

Hey there Geoff, Just heard your tune, "Dreams Edge" really relaxing composition!!
For me...the problem with Meditative Music is, I tend to lose my concentration, Hee Hee!
Gave you 5 Stars & Likes, your music is Quite Good there Dude!! Can I call you dude??
Stay Safe & Wear a Mask, this Covid Crap ain't over yet!!
Art Corey

Hi Geoff--Thank you for listening to "Cherish (orchestral version)" and the stars. I appreciate it! I listened to your "No Way Out". Very interessting, sounds like a movie soundtrack. Great work--the vocals sound a bit like Men at Work.

1 Replies
Geoff Martin Preston
over 30 days ago

My pleasure Jeana "Cherish" is something special, and thank you for the humbling comparison to one of my favourite Aussie bands.

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