Songwriter, Lyricist & Composer, Keyboard & Piano. Co-winner (4th place) in the 2021 Dallas Song Contest and three times songwriting finalist since 2010. Co-produced the demo CD "Circle Round the Sun" in 1999 with the Berlin rock band "Souls in Exile", theme - songs for the eclipse of the sun. Author of four songs for Robert Young's One Star Hotel Christmas musical.

Latest News

Executive Producer of three British films, the latest "Invasion Planet Earth". Available on DVD in the USA in Walmart in January 2020.

Year Milestones

1997 Executive Producer of the UK Independent movie "Urban Ghost Story"
1999 Co-produced the "Circle Round the Sun" demo album with the Berlin band "Souls in Exile"
2008 Co-Executive producer of the short film "Gone Fishing", which was shortlisted for an Oscar
2010 "You Are In Every Sense" finalist in the Brit Writers' Awards
2011 "Journey" from the One Star Hotel musical a finalist in the UK Songwriting Competition
2012 "Kickstart Your Life" finalist in the Brit Writers' Awards
2013 "High Temperature Love" makes it to the Canadian & American Records Summer Hits CD (distributed to 8,000 radio stations)
2013 "One Star Hotel" Christmas musical published in the US
2019 Executive Producer of British Sci-Fi film "Invasion Planet Earth"
2019 Song "Dark Days" featured in this film

Stage Musical - "One Star Hotel"

Co-writer of Robert Young's stage Christmas musical "One Star Hotel" featuring 11 new unpublished songs based around the Christmas nativity.

Main character Noel hates Christmas, but whilst on the beach at a 5 star hotel in Egypt, it starts snowing and an angel descends to show him the nativity story (at the One Star Hotel).


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Ionut Mirel Udrea
over 30 days ago to Cool Pool Man

Hi! Thank you very much for taking the time to listen and rate my new song! I really appreciate your support. All the best!

Chet Nichols
over 30 days ago to Cool Pool Man

Hey Cool Pool Man,

Thanks for the review of my classic song, "Say You Love Me, Too". This was recorded in 1992...hard to believe that was almost 25 years ago. It's kind of an old version and is on the recording docket to be re-recorded as it was recorded on an 8-track tape machine.

Anyway, glad you liked the song and thanks for the feedback...


Chet Nichols

Osea Codega
over 30 days ago to Cool Pool Man


thank you very much for your time to give me a great review of my track "Happy time". All the best. Osea

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