Gavin M. Cox is primarily a song-smith with over 150 songs to his name. Gavin is an exceptional pianist and guitarist with a professionally trained voice. His style is very individual but his main influences would be Sting/ Seal/ Phil Collins/ Michael Jackson for starters! He is as happy performing live as he is recording in the studio, and loves every aspect of the songwriter's craft.

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I've just released my debut album, 'Love Lift Me Higher', it is available on i-Tunes, and

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Gavin is currently working on his first solo album.
Here's what the record industry is saying about Gavin M. Cox...

Allan Dann, Peer Music.

'I've listened to Gavin's songs, quite interesting musically. It's a style which is thoroughly commercial etc? I actually liked them personally a lot, if these were tracks on his own debut album I'd think "yes ? fine" and they sound really good.'

Greig Watts, Diablo Records.

'My comments would be that the tracks are in the album track category... I think the best market for these would be to hit nashville, as they sound like they would fit nicely there...'

Gavin M. Cox is an Exeter based singer songwriter who has been writing songs for the past 20 years and so has an extensive catalogue of songs available for recording. He writes for guitar and piano and covers styles ranging from pop/ballad/rock and soul.

He has been a finalist in the Brit Award sponsored UK Songwriting Contest and has had BBC radio air play of one of his songs. Gavin has also entered competitions such as The X-Factor and UK Unsigned and has been featured at London's premier songwriting showcase at West-One-Four.

Gavin is also a regular visitor to Ireland, and during the '07 St. Patrick's Day celebrations during a concert in Armagh, premiered his new song 'St. Patrick', which was rapturously received.


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