musican/songwriter.Married with 3 beautiful daughters, all musical. Love of art and nature, Went from playing clubs 7 nights a week, to songwriting, it is more rewarding and more fun to create something as beautiful as a song, I am greatful to have daughters with beautiful voices and the gift of being great writers themselves. Thanks to everyone who takes the time to listen.

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.Thanks to the great vocal work by my daughter Natalie Wells, our songs have received some great reviews. My home town was hit hard by hurricane Gustav. Had been without power for 6 days Also recieved the music credits for the documentary about hurricane Katrina, It includes Doug kershaw, Irvin Mayfield, kermit Ruffins, Tim Laughin, my Daughter Natalie Wells and many other great New orleans musicans. our song is entitled Waiting for an Angel.


I am a musican/songwriter. I have 3 daughters that are musical. My oldest daughter Natalie 18 is the singer of the songs i have submitted. She is also a GREAT songwriter, and has 2 self published cd's and is working on new songs. She has been writing since age 7. You can view her songs on her web site My daughter Hillary is 17 and is also a great writer. She has had poems published in a book of poems that was published nation wide..
Bonnie Wells is age11. She has a very different take on the whole mucical seen. She is part comedy and part serious musican. She plays 5 different instruments and writes rap songs for kids. I also have 5 brothers who are all musicans and writers. Brother Pershing is a song producer and has many great musicans on his You can see all their works on that site.

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