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Welcome to HBIC Records, formerly known as Blazin Records. H.B.I.C.
During the rest of the year I will be performing in Atlanta GA and throughout the south.
In 2011 I'll be touring in NC, SC and FL.

If you're an Independent artist and want to join us for club, concert and tour bookings, leave us an email or number where you can be reached.

Erixa Charlez

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Erixa Charlez, a young talented female artist from Boston, MA, with much ambition and love for the music business. Erixa is undergoing a number of tasks right now including running a record label and entertainment company locally. Erixa has been musically inclined since 1987 at three years old. With the music she creates and the fans who support her, you know she's been in this for along time and will continue to be. Erixa began her career by freestyling with friends, cyphers and battles throughout her neighborhood and beyond since then.

She quotes "I always have been known to ROCK THA MIC where ever I go, and those who know me say I am off the hook with my style and lyrics. My freestyle especially because I would bring it Raw! Just like a dude. Honestly though, I think everybody should getto know me more these days because I came along way from jumping in a cipher, or a battle which I feel every Rap/Hip-Hop artist should do at least once in their careers as a true artist. I don't freestyle like I used to, and I damn sure don't do metaphors all the time, but I do speak my mind and talk about the world through my eyes."

Despite growing up in the urban areas of Boston, Erixa has learned to adapt well to her environment and excell in her journey to make a tight community of musicians in this small often underestimated city.

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Blazin Records

Welcome to Blazin Records Official Page! We are an Independent Label dedicated to music and the artists who create it. This label was created by musicians for musicians to help provide a level of understanding between the artists and the industry.

Blazin Records is a universal label recruiting musicians and artists from all backgrounds. We are also looking for artist who have very little or no experience who want to get into the business and grow here with us. There is room for new genres and projects. We are commited to our artists and potential artists and are always working to create new music and collaborations for artists and fans.

We also have great opportunities for anyone in or, wanting to get into the entertainment business. If you are looking to break into film, dance, TV shows or anything in the media we have emense opprtunities for all. In addition to these opportunities we also help our clients get into the union according to their area of work and expertise.

If you are interested please do not hesitate to get in contact with us by leaving an email with your contact information on any of our sites. We have artists ranging from many levels, genres and skills. You never know who you will have chemistry with. Also our label family is expanding and you could be the next person to join us if you feel you have what it takes.

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