Ray Gantt - Bass
Rick Bales - Keyboards
Andy Douglas - Keyboards

The Dreamwnd Band consists of three aging (over 50) musicians from Birmingham, Alabama who went through their mid-life crisis by buying more musical instruments and recording equipment than they really needed and started playing experimental electronic music. Each member of the band has been playing music since the 1970's and lately have been experimenting with electronic ambient jam music. The music is all instrumental.

Latest News

New Dreamwind CD titled "Seventh Phase" released in October 2009

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"Nightlight" CD available at www.CDBaby.com/dreamwind

"Warp Date" CD available at www.CDBaby.com/dreamwind2

"Ambient Trails" CD available at www.CDBaby.com/dreamwind3

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What is Dreamwind: Dreamwind is an electronic space music band from Birmingham, Alabama.

Personnel: Rick Bales and Andy Douglas, keyboards; Ray Gantt, bass.

Discs: "Nightlight" and "Warp Date." The CDs are available at www.CDBaby.com and Towers Records online.

How it's unique: Since the group plays an improvisational ambient electronica style of music, the band members say they feel their music is quite unique for the Birmingham, Alabama area. The music ranges from soft ambient, New Age style music to hard driving sequenced electronica that comes close to techno without crossing that line. The band uses up to nine keyboards at a time.

Influences: Hawkwind, Vangelis, Tangerine Dream, Kitaro, Ozric Tentacles, Steve Roach, Nightwish, Pink Floyd, Wooten Brothers, Charlie Hunter and The Who.


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