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NOTICE: For all the visitors that come to my site, whether you a fan or just curious. I wanna tell you that I appreciate all the love and support. With that said I promise to reply back to EVERY SINGLE email or message that I recieve. Your input means a great deal to me. So if you have anything to say at all feel free to contact me. You WILL get a reply back from me.

SONGS: I produce and/or arrange all the beats you hear and I feature different artists on them.

BUYING SONGS: If you want to buy any of my songs they are only 99cents per download. The download is far better then the media player version.

PRODUCING BEATS: If you want me to produce a beat for you, email me with the following information; mood or feel you want, type of instruments, sounds or effects, ect. I will quote you a price.

3-9-06: New track, "Collision" with M.L.S. & "That's Wrong" in Top 10!

Who I am..What i'm about

I'm an Asian American Producer originally from Los Angeles, just tryin to make music that has depth and emotion. Music should invoke feelings or thoughts. I feel that alot of todays music lacks those qualities. I want bring back that realism with the music I create. Real music for real people!

I was born in December of 1985 to an impoverished family in Nonsan, South Korea. A few months following I was put up for adoption by Holt International. One month later I was in Orange County, California living with my newly adopted parents. When I was twelve years old my family decided to move out of California and up to Idaho due to the worsening conditions of our neighborhood. I went back and forth from Idaho schools to California schools throughout my high school career, until graduating in 2004.

Ever since I can remember music has been a huge part of my life, especially Hip Hop and Rap. In 1999 I became songwriter for a local band called Clear Static. It was a short lived experience, but it gave me a taste of what I could do with music. In 2000 I became part of rap/rock group Soldiers of Light, where I was able to further develope my songwriting skills as well as gain more vocal time. I thought that this would be an opportunity to gain more exposure for the group when we were offered a spot on the American Christian Youth Chorale Tour. However due to lack of funding going on tour was impossible. After S.O.L. I decided to focus more on Hip Hop and Rap instead of Rock Music. So in 2001 I got together with a few other local rappers and formed Infamous. We wrote some songs, but because of some group conflicts Infamous fell apart. Despite all these failures I kept being persistant and in 2002 it paid off. After making the decision to go solo after Infamous broke up I hooked up with producer and rapper St.Cule, who gave me my start in the underground game.

Originally my goal was to become a rapper, but when I was helping Cule decide on what sounded best as far as beats went. I realized that I was better at producing then performing. So I started real simple, just a loop here and there. As I gained more experience I was able to make more complex and creative music. St.Cule and I have since went seperate ways with our music careers, but i'm always thankful for his help in putting me up.

As far as my music style goes, it's innovative and progressive, but at the same time has a laid back feel. I'd have to say that i'm more Westcoast influenced then anything else due to me living in LA. I try and mix it up with the beats, I can do a high energy club beat to a mellow downtempo beat. I like to be creative with the music I make. I like to keep it moving.


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