Skilz's as brought down the house at clubs like Club Rio in Las Vegas, The Sound Factory in San Francisco , Ibiza in Los Angeles, Billboard Live in Miami, and many many more.  At 19, Skilz had the opportunity to relocate to Las Vegas. Before taking his performance national as a much-in-demand touring club DJ, Skilz was hired to become the resident at the World Famous Club Rio in Las Vegas. Skilz performed to a packed house 4 nights a week for 7 years, where he spins the best House, Trance, Techno, & Hip Hop music to date. Soon after Dj Skilz began his residency, he caught the eyes of American Audio ( ), they were greatly impressed with his scratching abilities. Skilz has 2 mixers named after him, the " XDM-2221 Skilz Mixer " & " QD5-DJ SKILZ Signature Series Mixer ".   Now Skilz is taking on the field of Law Enforcement, which he juggles between career & passion, giving himself the title "The Scratch Enforcer".  

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Thank you for your review of 'Believe' and your kind comments. David.

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