DEFINITE is the rare combination of harmony and heart dance tracks that R&B has been missing in recent artists. You’ll never have to take them out of your player. Their lyrical storytelling is catchier than a pop tune (without all that sugar-coated bubblegum) and as profound as its blues roots. Each song they write adds a new level of depth building on the technical skill and lyrical complexity all the while drawing you into the sexy world of love tunes. This group is hot… DEFINITE-ly!!!

Definite's Bio

Definite has 6 years of various successes in the music business. In the summer of ’99, they sang as guests at the Million Youth March. In May 2000, they opened up for the Force MD’s at a Mother’s day celebration in Staten Island. Definite sang at the Jason Williams’ Celebrity Softball Challenge in the summer of 2000 among stars such as N’Sync and Funk Master Flex. In September 2003, they won 1st place on the television series, Showtime at the Apollo. Definite were also among the few finalists from NY to make it to Hollywood on season 3 of the hit TV series, American Idol!! In Fall 2004, they opened up for the hot recording artist, Babs from Bad Boy’s “Da Band”. In January 2005, Definite sang at the famous Lincoln Theatre in D.C. for a Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday tribute. In Spring 2005, they opened for Heather Headley at Lincoln Center and also for the Legendary Chuck Jackson at a fundraiser given by Manhattan Borough President, C. Virginia Fields. Paving their road to success, they are continuously in the studio, writing and recording their own music. Their mission is to bring back the ‘real music’ that has been absent from the music industry for too long. If you add up the smooth sound you get from Brian McKnight, the uncanny blend of voices that you remember from Boyz II Men, and the excitement you feel when listening to artists such as Dru Hill and Usher, that would equal DEFINITE MUSIC!! So, you better be ready…Real music is back!

Ty's Bio

Omotayo “Ty” Riley was born and raised in Jamaica, Queens New York. His interest in music began with his mother. Her love for artists such as Sade, Whitney Houston, Patti Labelle, Anita Baker, Luther Vandross, Stevie Wonder, & Bob Marley, to name a few, made him feel very passionate about music. Ty joined his band in elementary school and went on to join his Junior High School choir where he sang his first solo. While still influenced by his mother’s music, Ty began to listen to new artists such as Boyz II Men, Dru Hill, Brian McKnight, Peabo Bryson, and James Ingram. He also always had a love for being on stage and in the camera. In high school, Ty lead all his school plays. He was in and out of many local groups and joined the New York City Housing Youth Choir in his junior year. There he met James “Q’Pid” Udofia. They formed a group called Impaq. With Impaq, Ty won countless talent contest. He met James Vaval at one of the contests and soon after that, added him to the group. Eventually, people came and went from the group. The group was reformed and renamed to DEFINITE consisting of 3 members…Omotayo “Ty” Riley, James Vaval, & James “Q-PID” Udofia. While in DEFINITE, Ty has won first place in the Totally Hits 2002 Karaoke contest in L.A. In 2003, he also flew to Hollywood as one of the top 57 finalist on the hit show, American Idol. Now he is recording with his group. As the “Teddy Bear” of the group, he looks forward to soothing the hearts and souls of his future fans.

James' Bio

James was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti and raised in Brooklyn. He began singing at the age of nine and honed his craft singing in church and mimicking the styles off the radio. He has been inspired by artists such as Brian McKnight and Luther Vandross and songs including Musiq Soulchild's 'Previouscats' and 'Knocks Me Off My feet' by Stevie Wonder. To James “it's important to find a balance between the love and the fame, because you can't have one without the other and be successful in this business. If you are too deep then you end up without an audience. Or you can be commercial and make hit after hit and you have no message and the music is meaningless. I hope that we find a place where we can make the music we love, but others will love it too...and feed our families”. Though he was born under the sign of Taurus, the last adjective James would use to describe himself would be stubborn. “Funny” is the first word out of his mouth: “I just want you to smile when you think of me”.

Q'Pid's Bio

James Udofia aka Q'pid was born in Liverpool, England. He lived there for a year before his family relocated to Nigeria where he spent the next four years. After spending the following four years living in Trinidad, Q'Pid ended up in Brooklyn, NY where he still resides today. He is a student of Music at Medgar Evers College where he is majoring in Mass Communication with a focus in Music Business. When not a student of his craft, Q'pid is busy perfecting his musical writing ability. He began singing in church at the age of nine and draws inspiration from such artists as Stevie Wonder, Sam Cooke, Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson, Smokey Robinson, Aretha Franklin, Dru Hill, BoyzIIMen, Usher, and so many others. Q'Pid truly lives his music, “you can take anything away from me, but don't take my music”. Other than music, “I love a woman that can cook, because I love to eat! But if you can't cook it's all good, we can always order in”. “I want to take this opportunity to First thank God, my mother, and my Pastor. Next, I wish I could say thanks to everyone individually but I can't, so I'd like to thank everyone for all the love and support. God Bless”.

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