An artist with skills as a DJ/Producer, NAY Trixx has that something that can get you to move on a dancefloor, or make you mesmerized by what he does with his traxx. As a House DJ whose worked the mobile and club scene in Chicago for 15 years, he has totally given his soul to this music we call House. His songs can vary in musical styles from Filtered toTech House to Disco recreated with a modern twist. If you like multi genre Dance/House music, you'll love something by NAY"Trixx."

DJ Nay Trixx

DJ Nay"Trixx" is a House music Producer from Chicago. He started mixxing back in 1986 at the age of 16. Self taught and with influences from the DJ's on the radio, Nay"Trixx" started doing mobiles in 1988. After spinning all throughout Chicagoland at various High School dances, mobile parties, House parties, weekly events at teen dance clubs, and college radio, Nay"Trixx" began residencies at various nightclubs. After spinning various types of music which included, House, Freestyle, Techno, High Energy, Disco, Hip Hop, and Alternative, Nay"Trixx" decided that it was time to start producing his own special blend of music.
When NAY Trixx made up his mind to produce his special blend of music. the focus was for Dance and Fitered House traxx. As the music changed, so did NAY Trixx. Adapting to various styles of House and Dance music, not to mention, recording and Scratching for select alternative Rock groups for the love of Indie Rock, his producing is turning out some unique sounding songs that can only come from this artist. If you love multi genre House, Dance, and Indie Rock music, then you'll love something produced by NAY Trixx.

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