Music has always been a big part in my life. I started off just carrying a juke box around everywhere I went. Later, I became a well known Dj in Okinawa Japan, thanks to my big brother Hi-5ive. Then I moved on to bigger things like producing. Having a Dj background helped in the aspect of being able to be versatile on beats. It's very easy to make something for yourself but what about others. Music can make you happy, sad, crazy, relaxed or even lonely. The thing about it though is when do you want it to do those things....

Check me out, because this is the beginning of the beginning. Tha New Dubb Duece ladies and gentlemen.

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Comin' Back 2 Da Streetz

H-Town?s own Mr. HeatRock has begun his solo journey with his first album release on Dubb Duece Entertainment, founded by Mr. HeatRock himself in 2004. Starting his music career in October 2002, Mr. HeatRock went by Xa, a well known Dj during his tour in Okinawa, Japan. Mr. HeatRock led his group, Phoe-Reel, to major success in Japan including opening performances with major recording artists such as; Mr. Cheeks, Trina, and Chingy & the Get It Boys.
Mr. HeatRock had produced 6 albums and featured on 3 others within a three year time frame. It was after the establishment of HeatRock Recording Studio that Mr. HeatRock released his first solo entitled Grown ? N ? Sexy. A song that turned all the ladies heads with his appeal to women and the sexy things that they do. ?Go ahead ladies, leave ya man at tha bar, come to da dance flo, cause grown and sexy you are,? Mr. HeatRock says expresses in the hook and suave lyrics like ?Take the exit, and I?ll meet ya round back, I?ll pull up to da side in my candy painted Lac.? Mr. HeatRock is also well known for his features on songs with his young artists, you all know it, HeeeeatRockkkkkkkk!!!!

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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