Brett Howe

Brett Howe is a singer Songwriter from Minnesota. He is influenced by a wide spectrum of singer songwriters that lead to minimally produced recordings.


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ArchLord II
over 30 days ago to Brett Howe

hi there :)
we have a great song here now...
and, hey...
there's TWO of us now...!!!

anyway, we hope you enjoy our all-original music
which we created
and which we sell
which we are allowed to do
until a lawyer stops us
until then, we hide the cash
we dont give receipts, we dont keep books.
we can say we only sold three copies.

then, we say "we're sorry, judge, really"
then, we smile :)
then, we tell the judge that we'll pay damages of...

so, go have a quick listen, you'll enjoy it..!!

J E Fleurent
over 30 days ago to Brett Howe

thanks for the honest review of "All You've Got". This song was a joke that was originally titled 33mtf as it was written and recorded in "33 minutes to finish". It is an experimental piece about insanity and has got glowing reviews from all but you. The joke is I agree with you and thought it just creepy instrumentally and vocally. but most seem to like it. We (my brother the lyricist) and I primarily do country but have fooled around with other genre for fun as we are just learning to do this. Thanks again for your input---Jim

The Cool Black Chevitz
over 30 days ago to Brett Howe

very nice!!! each passing day

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