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Sounds Like: Hit Boy, Travis Scott, Kanye West

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American Producer & Rapper Rafe

American Producer & Rapper RAFE FINESSE, CEO, creator, and founder of Rafe Finesse's life journey has been an interesting variety of adventures. From his upbringing on the southeast part of the western hemisphere, born in the state of Georgia and now resides in Denver, Rafe was known as a sort of gypsy, living a nomadic lifestyle traveling state to state, and after graduating High school in Colorado He moved to Orlando Fl to attend full Sail University pursing a bachelors' of science degree in Recording Arts, shortly after college he continued his nomadic lifestyle which transitioned into him, working as an O.T.R Trucker, continue traveling all over the united states and performing and sharing his music when and where ever he could, his love for life and exploration has given him a multitude of stories and lyrics from his own experiences to share with the world. We could go on about his talents and accomplishments but to fully understand Rafe Finesse, it's worth digging a little deeper.

From his hometown of Vidalia GA, He has also displayed a knack for entrepreneurship and starting his own record label B.Y.E. or Be You Ent Perhaps most importantly, Rafe Finesse volunteers in and teaching music and what he learned from his years at fullsail, it's part of his mission statement to counteract suffering of the world with the joy of music. Rafe is currently working on his new project "PROGRESS" where he is visiting the sounds of his southern roots . search' to listen to his previous album, or watch his newest Music Video Release TOP ft LlzMusik"


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Kathyjo Varco
over 30 days ago to Rafe Finesse

Hey Rafe. Thanks for your review of my song Holding it Down. Appreciate the listen. Sending good vibes your way. kj

Rafe Finesse
over 30 days ago to Rafe Finesse

New Persona has entered the Colorado Top 10 at #2!

Groovie Selecta
over 30 days ago to Rafe Finesse

Thanks for the 5 stars ratings on Alright Rafe!
Peace & light!

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