I've been a lyric writer since High School when I was writing with my friends. We all went in different directions except for Phil Harrington and I - We formed a songwriting partnership for a project called "Matt and Phil's Band" and wrote song after song, trying to find that holy grail song. Not being in the same town kind of hurt us a bit. Eventually went on our own paths creatively. I've written with Wanz (Inspirational), Barbara Lopez (Jazz Combo stuff), Lisa Aschmann (ASCAP), Ryan Bennett Price (ASCAP), Pete Pidgeon (ASCAP), Chris Harrington (Mr. Flask of Dr. Geek's Podcast) and Anthony Fesmire (Outside Pedestrian).

Sounds Like: Earth Wind & Fire, Commodores

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Matt, you look more like a Film producer, than a Songwriter, Hee Hee! It's all good though!!
Stay Safe sir!
The Corey's..............

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Matthew Kenneth Gray
over 30 days ago

Well, I think I'll agree that my overall style is Producer and Creative Director. Whether it's in Music, Film, or TV I think I have a knack for putting things together with others, however, I also know it takes experience. I'm studying Digital Cinematography right now and loving it. Not working with a video camera yet for that class but I will be soon! Thanks, take care!

The New Song I just added today is called "The Best Is Not Behind Me" by Wanz/Matthew Kenneth Gray. Special thanks to Grammy U for hooking me up with Wanz, it was a true honor working with him!

Jazz Song in my collection added! It was written by Barbara Lopez and myself, featuring a fabulous vocal by Sasha Thomas Brown.

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Clean Clean

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