Atomik Age Project will release "4 Ever Fab - A Beatles Tribute" Video/Doc this summer 2011.

Atomik Age Project releases new music video "Brooklyn Charlie"

"Waiting" wins semi-finalist award in 2010 UK Song Contest

"Waiting"(instrum)Finalist in 2010 Great American Song Contest

"Outer Roads" (music video) Nominated in 2010 S.I.Film Festival

"4 Ever Fab" - Semi-Finalist in 2009 UK song contest

"Outer Roads" (music video) Nominated for Best Soundtrack and Best Sound in 2009 S.I. Directors Chair film festival

Finalist Nomination for "Wild One" music video at 2009 S.I. Film Festival

Winner Best Original Soundtrack Award "Wild One" The Directors Chair Staten Island Film Festival 2008.

Winner of 5 song placement awards in 2008 UK song contest

Winner Best Instrumental Song May 08 for "Waiting" at

"Outer Roads" #1 song May 08 on Broadjam's top 10 charts

Jan. 2008/ CNBC Mad Money Review on "Ballad of Jim Cramer" "The songs great fun so have a look

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On Time for Being Late CD

The Atomik Age Project has its roots in the early post-Woodstock years. The core members have been making music since that time, and have remained close friends throughout their respective careers. In recent years, Stu and Christina have added their talents of sax and voice to complete the bands signature sound. The group?s first release, ?On Time for Being Late? is a tribute to the years of life experience involving family, love, culture, loss and newly-found friendships. This CD expresses a great respect for time and its inevitable effect on our lives, and pays tribute to the unwavering beat of a musician?s heart.

What They Do

Phil C. Songwriter, producer, engineer, electric and acoustic guitars. Phil, the "nucleus" of The Atomik Age Project, directs and shapes the band's music into its signature sound of melodic command and meaningful lyricism.

Bob (The Fish) A. Nylon and electric guitars, bass, songwriter and musical architect. Bob?s eclectic presence in music today is clearly defined, with his beautiful nylon guitar picking, and signature electric guitar technique, on all Atomik Age Project songs. He also knows a thing or two about fishing, for whatever that?s worth.

Jimmy C. Lead vocals. One of the few artists born to his craft. The power and the grace of Jimmy's voice becomes the ultimate vehicle of expression to the songs of The Atomik Age Project.

Roger F. Bass guitar, Bass Synthesizer. A classically trained bassist, Roger's brilliant phrasing and melodic instinct shine throughout each measure, bringing a spiritual pulse to every song.

Joe C. Drums, percussion. Joe's roots in Progressive Rock and Jazz Fusion emerge in the music with a distinctive edge to his creative pulse.

Christina C. Vocals. With a sweet lilting soprano voice, Christina adds color, dimension and emotionally dynamic interpretation to the messages in the music.

Stu S. Saxophone. Stu brings a seminal, earthy voice that both contrasts and complements. He drives each song with precision work on Tenor, Alto, Soprano Sax and flute. His passion for playing is heard with each and every note.

Mike C. Keyboards. The Beatles had Billy Preston to fill in on keyboards when needed, Atomik Age Project has Mike.
His colorful keyboard playing in the Studio, rounds out the bands signature sound.

Lenny M. Vocals. Lenny's smooth background vocals on 'Look at Me" and "Here in My Heart" completes The Atomik Age Project sound. Lenny's guest lead vocal on "The Ballad of Jim Cramer" is a special treat.

Lou D. Piano. Lou's beautiful piano work on "Outer Roads" completes the song's relaxing feel.


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