Every so often an artist exceeds everyone’s expectations. They create a piece of work that is so exquisite, it’s breathtaking. Anzu has taken that quantum leap with her latest works of art. Collaborating with her band, Scars For Luck, Anzu has indisputably put the “rock” back in pop-rock.

It’s an epic endeavor from an artist already well known for her independent and adventurous spirit. Indeed, her songs cover a wide range of emotions, touching upon every aspect of our lives.

Though listeners may find comparisons in Amy Lee (Evanescence), Gwen Stefani (No Doubt), and even Pat Benatar, Anzu has instilled her music with such a strong sense of self that one gets the impression she’s letting us in on a secret life – an emotionally charged one at that.

Called “gritty, soulful, and a standout vocalist with a sexy center” by music critics, this is not an artist that you can take lightly. She challenges and charms, even as she shocks you. From “Don’t Lie,” a haunting rock number that turns convention on its head to ”Looking For You,” a pop-rock concoction with an irresistible chorus, and her personal favorite, “Free To Fuck,” Anzu will take you on a journey that makes you think, makes you feel and makes you want more.

Signed to Avex Records when she was just a teen, Anzu honed her chops as a pop princess, releasing three albums for the Japanese label. That pop training can be heard in the commercial accessibility of her songs. Those big sing-a-long choruses and memorable hooks, that permeate radio today, form the foundation of her music. But, Anzu has added a new dimension to the genre - one that confronts pop as we know it.

Some call it a hard-rock edge, while others simply say, “it sears your soul.” To her credit, Anzu does not shy away from the controversy her music engenders. In fact, her mantra, “Never Be A Victim,” can be felt in every word and lyric she sings.

Empowering and enlightening, her music does exactly what she wants it to. “I want to inspire people and get them excited about life,” she murmurs seductively. Working with Scars For Luck, Anzu has found compatriots in her quest to change the world and influence peoples’ lives.

“I live for music,” she says.
And, based on her current track record, music is a large part of her life.

Her live show has been described as” fiery,” as well as “down and dirty.” Without a doubt, seen in the flesh, Anzu exudes a sexuality that is almost primal in its intensity. She connects passionately with her audience of wishful males and adoring females, encouraging them to live life as fully as she does.

That message apparently appeals across all boundaries; and, has even attracted attention from industry heavyweights. John Freese, the drummer for a Perfect Circle, STING and NIN, has added his touch to Anzu’s new EP. “What a surreal experience that was,” she sighs.

As well as having her songs placed in several major motion pictures. You will also be able to see Anzu’s acting abilities with Christian Slater’s in his come back film, “He was a Quiet Man”, due out in 2007. This movie also stars W.H. Macy and Elisha Cuttbert.
Additionally, she’s received a string of accolades from the media; and has repeatedly been invited to sing with national acts.

Not too shabby for an independent artist, who’s simply trying to find her own way. But, to all who encounter her, the reason is obvious - she is a wild child, a driving force of nature; and, from the looks of it, nothing is going to stop her from achieving whatever she wants…

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