'Ani' means 'I' or 'me' in Hebrew.

I am a singer/songwriter/producer from Austria, but I live in Berlin for 5 years now.

If people ask me about my music, I describe it as soulful POP.

When I perform or create a new song, time doesn't exist and I feel totally connected to the source of all being...

I studied music in Vienna, Austria and currently live in Berlin, Germany's artistic capital.

Berlin and me, it was love at first sight!

I'm a big fan of travelling and for me there is no better guide than my music. It has already brought me to Paris, London, Miami, Washington DC and, of course New York.

I am a dreamer and a believer, who appreciates the big and the small miracles of life.

I want to make this world a better place by bringing joy to people through my songs.

That's my mission, what's yours? Follow your heart and you can't go wrong... ANIthing is possible!
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