PAST: I started composing music at age 17 on December 10, 2005, when a friend introduced me to the program "Finale." We never did get around to writing that musical...

PRESENT: A fan of DDR and ITG (and now PIUPRO), I enjoy making songs that can be stepped. The scope of my music is not confined to dance games, however. I primarily use ACID Pro 6.

FUTURE: I hope to not suck so much. Also to write more music.

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Text to Bio

Huh...the text section is now a bio section. Wonderful; now my texts don't fit in context.

Universal Et Cetera

Have fun with this "higher quality" song!

I didn't win.


Go figure, I didn't win. Oh well, congrats to the winners. I didn't really like "There's a Rhythm" (I would have preferred "Sputnik"), but what do I know?

DDR Song Contest


Well, I entered "Plasma Trip", after pumping up the kick drum. Now that the contest is out of my hands, I can reminisce. I liked "Plasma Trip", and, despite its low quality, I think it is one of the more memorable pieces in the contest. Maybe that is because it is one of the few songs to go above 140bpm. In any case, I now know what the people who reviewed my music meant when they said that I need a bass section. I can feel how empty my song is. After all, I just got through listening to around 200 songs, many of which have the generic super-powerful/prominent bass. Meh, oh well.

Here I am. So what?


Here I am, finally on t3h internet. Woohoo. I figure that if I want some song reviews, I need to make my songs available. Whether you want to listen or not is your choice.

I do not have a lot of hosting capabilities yet, since I am not in a position to make financial commitments. However, I can post some works of mine that I feel like posting. You know, it is a start.

I should warn in advance that I am often bored when I make songs. Additionally, my more serious songs take longer to make, and even longer to refine. I need to learn to use FL Studio. I need those awesome effects. Finale PrintMusic is great for the basics, but it just can't match Fruity Loops. However, I don't know squat about Fruity Loops. I need a personal tutorial; a mentor to help me make a good song. The experience will help. The first thing I thought was "Hey, I wish KeeL would help me out, we both live in Washington, and he even lived in Vancouver." Yeah right. [UPDATE: He now lives in Vancouver.]

A bit more about my songs:
I like classical. As such, I try to incorporate a certain classical feel.
I like melodies. My songs are chock-full of them, weaving in and out in a sort of music-gasm. Of course, music-gasms can be a bit messy, if one isn't experienced. I am not experienced. Judge for yourselves.
I like mad t3chn0 b34t20r5, but I don't think they can constitute a good song. It is thus odd that I enjoy "VerTex" so much...Actually, I have a hard time with beats, since PrintMusic isn't the best beat program.
My styles are varied. My works have no overlying genre. I compose what I feel.

That is all for now.

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