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Raised in Beaufort, SC, I have been singing basically all of my life. Like most people I started off in the church choir, then progressively started to find my niche in writing and record my own works. I started rapping 6acc in middle school, just doing freestyles. I later on, started the craft of writing R&B/Rap songs in my senior year of high school. Under the mentorship of Paper Route Production, I was able to learn the ins and outs of the music industry. While under them, I learned the craft of music engineering. I am now able to record people on both Sony Acid, as well as Cubase. I believe that the learning experience was very helpful as far as helping me to better prepare myself for the music industry. I can't say that I have totally mastered evrything, but in time I hope to know everything there is to know about recording engineering. My dreams/plans with my music, is like a lot of other peoples dreams. To 6ecome successful in my craft as a record artist/ recording artist. With my music, I wanna be able to touch all different sorts of people. Music, in my opinion, is an expression of everybody. I write songs dealing with pain, as well as the joyous time. And I can't forget about something for my club hoppers. I currently reside in Atlanta, GA. For any other questions, please feel free to email me at

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