Hi I'm Young Bacon an original Hip Hop artist that loves to tell stories through my music about my life and the things I see around me. Sorry I moved out the hood when I was young so I cant rap about that. I only write about things that are true to me, the things that I believe in. Truth is I'm just a loverboy that was raised in Louisville,Ky. I alway make my music have a point I love the feeling of knowing I left people thinking hard after that song I made. I'm like any other professional storyteller I like to grabb the audiences attention, hook them, and leave them amazed. I write about my opinions on some things most people wont speal on because fear holds them back. I feel if you dont speak on the things that matter your voice isn't being used to it's full potential. I take my time on my music so the finished product is a good quality, has very clever wordplay, and potrays a lesson/message. So check me out. Email me for Booking, Colabs, And anything else I reply quick get me while
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Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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