Originating from the Southwest Detroit and now residing in Las Vegas Nevada. Dis young upcoming Hip-Hop songwriter/performer has worked wit many local artist and producers of the Las Vegas scene in music. Moving from producer to producer over the last few years YaBoi City has now settled and integrated his-self in a spouting Production Company called Bologix Productions. Acquiring several different sounds from Bologix, YaBoi City has been able to make 2 Albums and has been featured on several Mixtape songs. Gaining a great momentum of Fans on the local Vegas scene, YaBoi City is venturing to a wider spectrum to gain a more broader and diverse fan base.....

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Bad Company The Mixtape: Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 is out now!!!! Go cope it @datpiff.com and myspace.com/itsyaboi

Bout YaBoi.......

Quick summary...Born in Detroit YaBoi was rasied in Crackhouses and dope spots till he as lock'd up when he was 14, spending five years in juvi YaBoi was release where he attended school till he graduated then flew to Las Vegas with his mother to seperate his famlies ties from the dope game in Detroit. comin to Vegas, the Dope game followed....spending the next 7-8 years making music, hustlin and takin care of his seeds...YaBoi vowes to make his past a means to achive his future....or die trying

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