x-andra is Irish with a classical training and a lifetime in the music industry....mainly rock and traditional folk/celtic. info@x-andra.co.uk

x-andra bio

x-andra worked 20 years in the music industry as co-founder, co-CEO and co-director of Stellar Productions Ltd., as as sound engineer.

In this capacity she has worked with many stars, e.g., Chuck Berry, Ronnie Scott, Eric Clapton, Boomtown Rats, Marty Robbins, Glen Campbell, Paul Brady, Al Stewart, Chieftans, Hawkwind, Alan Stivell, Janis Ian, Kris Kristofferson, Don Everly, John Martyn, Jimi Slevin Band, Jim Armstrong, Light, Blackthorn and many many more.

For several years, Robbie McGrath, now FOH engineer with The Rolling Stones, gained experience working with the company. Robbie McGrath and x-andra doing sound at a gig. Robbie on FOH, x-andra on foldback.

x-andra is now finding time to produce her own brand of music, inspired by her past exposure to such a wide range of live sound.

This has taken her to Germany, to the studios of Jimi Slevin for some recording work and Jimi has contributed some beautiful guitar on Bay of Love, Catamaran and And You're Going Home. Percussion was added to several songs by Dave MacHale (formerly of the Boomtown Rats).

As a PRS member, her work is regularly broadcast on local radio, UK radio, radio stations in Queensland (Australia, where she spends about half of every year) and on worldwide podcasts.

Other recent work includes:

---composing and producing the sound track for a film noir, "Die Unertragliche Instabilitat der Crema" presented by group called Soiree des Hommes, the brainchild of Gunnar Grah (Berlin).

--- arrangement of two of her songs (Sleep Now and And This is Christmas) for choral performance by the choir that twice recently won Sainsbury's Choir of the Year (the MCB Girls' Choir) led by Ruth McCartney, MBE.


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