Gary Joe Mitchell,lead vocalist, studied classical piano as a youth & frequented the C&W dance scene on weekends in Olney, Texas where he grew up, citing influences such as Mozart, Lefty Frizzell, Hank Williams, Sr., David Bowie, & Lou Reed. Gary Joe brings a diverse mixture of honky-tonk & classical influences to the table. Enrolling at UNT to study music after high school, he met Mark Hartman Anderson, a drummer since age 8, citing influences such as Frank Zappa & Little Feat. Gary and Mark collaborate, writing WTJ's music. Mark made many of the percussion instruments that are signature to Will Tommy Jones. He sings backup vocals for the band. Lead guitarist Billy Gardner comes from a musical background as well. His parents were music professors at UNT. Playing in multiple rock and blues bands since a child, his utilization of the synth guitar sounds makes his nuances unlimited. This trinity of troubadours combines talents to create the unique sound that is "Hick-Rock".

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We recently signed a record deal w/ TMG (Tate Music Group). The national release date for our debut album has been set for August 13th 2013.
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