Eclectic Singer/Songwriter Will Faeber's musical style includes Blues, Country, Pop, Jazz and R&B. In 1997 his European release "No Small Comfort" was an immediate hit on radio and in dance halls across Europe. The CD spawned five dance hits that were choreographed by the top people in the field and kept Will and his band touring England and the continent for three years, playing the biggest venues and festivals including Wembly Arena in London.
Since returning to the states he produced two more albums, the latest being "Travel By Stars". The album has an overall Jazz feel to it with some Pop and R&B influence. It ranges from a soulful ballad "It's Not The Moon That Cries" to some foot stomping tunes like "Forty Days". The album also has stellar performances by some of todays best jazz artists, including guitarist Peter Sprague and John DePatie. Website at
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