Weeva is an EDM producer from Nottingham, UK who has worked with various notable international artists and managers (Nuradee, Atman, James Mulholland), building up his own body of work over the years.

Weeva was born to English parents, one a dance teacher. His uncle and cousin are accomplished performers and scholars of English folk music. His partner is a script writer. Weeva was trained on piano and vocals from a young age in various institutions and cities including Edinburgh, Bath and Norwich. Having cut his teeth as a piano accompanist for traditional dance classes, he moved into electronic dance music production, attaining recognition and airplay on major radio and TV networks (e.g. Real Housewives series). His work has been performed to the United Nations in New York and to government agencies in Singapore.

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Just finished a club mix of The Promise - prog trance, which I'm pitching to festivals etc.
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