Geoff Rodgers

Geoff is 48 and currently lives in Staffordshire (but not for long) where has made quite a name for himself as a folk singer, performer and songwriter. Formerly part of a popular duo, he is now happy performing solo. Email for details of how to book him.

His own songs have proved popular with many audiences and he has had considerable success in songwriting competitions.
In particular his songs reflect his own personal experience and interests, they are laced with humour and passion, with many being based in the North East of England where Geoff was brought up. He was born in (British) West Hartlepool and has lived in Durham, Gateshead, Newcastle, North Shields, Cambridge, Clitheroe and Leek.
Geoff also does 'cover' versions of other people's songs, from Dylan to Lindisfarne and, Creedence to Jez Lowe.
His shows vary from traditional material to contemporary songs, folk, blues, rock, pop, even the odd jazz standard can be thrown in, and plenty of humour

Instrumentally, Geoff plays guitars by Fylde, Avalon and Crafter, (and a couple of other things) as well as bouzoukis by Fylde and Sherwood and also a Fylde mandolin. Being the 'octopus' that he is, Geoff also plays acoustic bass, whistle, mouth organ (blues harp), cajon (a drum you sit on), bodhran (Irish drum) and various other pieces of percussion and he even has an electric guitar (yes honestly) for that all important blast. Thank goodness for multi track recorders!

For gigs Geoff has a superb PA which is suitable for small (noisy) to medium (listening) venues. Tech spec needs please ask.

Geoff's other interests include his camper van, Pamplemousse, although his passion would be for a split screen van, fly fishing, malt whisky, red wine, seafood and Hoegaarden beer.

Geoff is a passionate believer in Fairtrade and justice, an associate member of the Iona Community and can be found most weeks leading worship in his churches where he is one of the ministers.

On a more personal note Geoff has two children who live with their mum, and he lives with Polly (on the shore), his black labrador, who was born in March 2006

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